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About Rather Labs

Crafting the Solutions of Tomorrow, Today.

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Our Story

Rather Labs embarked on its journey in July 2020, fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders and their commitment to creating advanced applications, captivating games, and beyond.

Today, we've scaled to impressive heights. Our team boasts over 130 dedicated professionals, and we've formed successful partnerships with more than 30 entities across over 10 countries. At Rather Labs, we aren't merely keeping up with global advancements; we're spearheading change through our groundbreaking innovation.

Our Guiding Principles

Our mission at Rather Labs is unequivocal: to create impactful change, guide our partners to success, and empower them to harness their full potential. We're more than a technology partner; we're your reliable ally in innovation, propelling you beyond your wildest ambitions.


Our team of autonomous, accountable, and highly skilled professionals is dedicated to launching high-impact projects.


We strive to leave a positive mark on society, leveraging technology to enhance people's quality of life.


We're adept at thriving in dynamic environments, ensuring our tech solutions are continually evolving and improving through rapid iteration.


We cultivate a proactive culture where team members are not only problem-solvers but also adept at identifying potential issues before they arise.

Meet the Core Team

Federico Caccia
Chief Executive Officer
Franco Scucchiero
Chief Technology Officer
Jimena López Morillo
Chief Operating Officer
Macarena López Morillo
Head of People
Andrés Briceño
Head of Customer Success
Santiago Giménez
Head of Marketing
Ramiro Vignolo
Principal Engineer
Franco Mangussi
Principal Engineer
Mainque Green
Principal Engineer
Juan Cortez
Project Manager
Nico Engler
Project Manager
Alvaro De la Iglesia
Project Manager
Delfina Heilmann
Headhunter Advisor
Florencia Redondo
People Care Analyst
Santiago Larraburú
Business Analyst
Sol Sterin
Executive Assistant
Martín Monteoliva

Life at Rather Labs

We understand the significance of a balanced and stimulating work atmosphere at Rather Labs. We promote connectivity, teamwork, and perpetual learning.

Global Coworks

Experience a multicultural work culture with our team dispersed across various locations, each contributing their unique viewpoints to our projects.

Team Building Activities

Whether in our coworking spaces or online, we promote a spirit of collaboration and unity through numerous team activities and virtual after-work socials.

People Care

Your well-being matters to us. We have a dedicated team of qualified psychologists to support you throughout your journey with us.

Join us at Rather Labs, and let's
drive the change together.

Explore Rather Labs

Fabricio Gatti
Head of Marketing

Nuclear Engineer specialized in Marketing Strategies, with a robust background in Data Science and advanced analytical skills. A passionate learner, proactive and flexibility to adapt to any field.

Ariel Chang Alcover
Project Manager

Nuclear Engineer with a background as a developer. With experience designing and managing projects on DeFi, NFT marketplace, decentralized social networks and bet sites.

Gastón Michel
Project Manager

Ms. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with a strong background in Backend development, DevOps and Cloud Architecture for the finance industry. His main focus now is in Project Management, making strategic decisions to meet business’s and customer’s goals.

Santiago Kaplan
Project Manager

Industrial Engineer with expertise in goal setting, task planning, customer relationship management, and strategic decision-making. Skilled in leading interdisciplinary teams and managing projects in different technological environments.

Sebastián Sigvard

Telecommunication Engineer with a strong academic background. Pragmatic, quick learner, and passionate about science and technology. I have been working in the software industry for three years and I am currently exploring the path of solutions for real-world problems, from idea to implementation.

Francisco Paiba
Legal Manager

Lawyer with a master's degree in economic business law, with more than 10 years of experience advising companies and entrepreneurs. Passionate about what I do.

Candelaria Vallejo
People Care Analyst

Psychologist, focused on Human Resources and the clinical area, often times seeking an articulation between both. With experience in group interventions, staff dynamics, training, the design of clinical approach strategies and differential diagnosis with different populations.

Francisco Fox
Marketing Analyst

Nuclear Engineer with a strong background in Data Science and Analytics. Enthusiastic, self-learner and willing to adapt to new paradigms. With experience in Data Engineering, bringing a strong technical foundation in all aspects of data management.

Lothaire Lang
Head Of Partnerships

Web 2 entrepreneur with a background in Business Administration and Digital Marketing. Passionate about blockchain and emerging technologies, now leveraging this foundation to cultivate strategic alliances and identify growth opportunities within Web 3 at Rather Labs.

Lucas Córdova
Business Developer

Business Administration Graduate and Strategic Marketing Post-Grad, specialized in full integrated strategies plans. Digital Marketing Professor. With experience in all types of business, from Business Booster Consultant firm, multinational companies, to small business entrepreneurships.

Martina Lara Gros
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer with 4 years experience working for companies around the world on branding, editorial, digital media, e-mail marketing and now focused on User Interface and Product Design.

Diego Pontello
Principal Engineer

Ph.D. in Physics with strong academic background spanning from pure mathematics and quantum physics, he excels in tackling intricate analytical and computational problems. In recent years, he has become deeply involved with the blockchain ecosystem, turning his attention to the development of smart contracts for DeFi.

Bárbara Dellerba

Advanced Business Administration and Management student, focused on Human Resources. Work experience in customer care, personnel selection and management.