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Rather Labs is a blockchain technology hub founded by industry experts.

The co-founders have been entrepreneurs all their lives. In all this time we have worked on games, NFTs launch pads, token launch pads, new DeFi protocols, tracking platforms, real estate and much more.

The world is changing and we are not only going along that change, we are helping to drive it.

Our pillars are science, effort and passion. And we are motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit to use technology to generate high impact products.

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We build teams of responsible, autonomous and highly qualified people to perform in our projects. Professionalism is one of the main pillars on which our company grows. A professional and committed team is the key to design, develop and launch high impact projects.
At Rather Labs, we choose to work with projects that contribute to the ecosystem by developing new technology or nurturing a thriving community. We always seek to generate a positive impact on society, improving people's quality of life through technology.
"Done is better than perfect". When starting to work on a new project it is necessary to have a dynamic team with a high capacity of iteration in response to feedback from potential users. Considering that one of our core values is to generate impact, we love to work on new ideas and iterate them looking for the product-market fit. This dynamic capacity is only feasible with highly professional teams.
We love working with proactive and self-taught people. We love that people propose solutions, and not just solutions to problems that have already been postulated, but that they detect new problems and look for solutions to them. Proactivity is a fundamental skill of the entrepreneurial personality, and at Rather Labs we have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Meet the Executive Team

A professional team, highly committed to the success of our partners.
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Federico Agustín Caccia
Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Sc. Nuclear Engineer, with more than ten years of experience as a developer, and more than five years of entrepreneurship in the blockchain industry. He is also the current VP of Engineering at Membrane Labs.
Franco Scucchiero
Chief Technology Officer
Blockchain entrepreneur with 5 years of experience in sustainable finance, gaming & DeFi. Former CTO @ Earthbanc & Powerboard
Jimena López Morillo
Chief Operations Officer
Ms. Sc. Mechanical Engineer, specializing in robotics. With more than three years of experience in process automation. Participation in high quality engineering projects, such as a nuclear reactor under development.
Macarena López Morillo
Head of Human Resources
Degree in psychology and university professor, specialized in management, administration and business management. With more than 6 years of experience in project coordination and development.
Florencia Redondo
People Care Manager
Phycologist with over 2 years working in Human Resources, performing generalist functions including active listening, diagnosing and problem solving at work. Work experience in administration and team management.
Candelaria Vallejo
People Care Analyst
Psychologist, focused on Human Resources and the clinical area, often times seeking an articulation between both. With experience in group interventions, staff dynamics, training, the design of clinical approach strategies and differential diagnosis with different populations.
Santiago Larraburú
Head of Projects
Advanced systems analyst student passionate about blockchain technology. Sales, management, and administration professional with more than five years of experience.
Francisco Puliti
Business Developer
Degree in Marketing and Sales, with more than 4 years of experience as Business Developer of Blockchain and Crypto technology. Entrepreneur, had worked at world wide recognized
Facundo D. Farall
Principal Engineer
Electronics Engineer passionate about software and blockchain technologies. A fast learner and adaptable developer, eager to have an impact on the future, with experience designing projects on DeFi, decentralized social networks, GameFi and VR.
Franco Mangussi
Principal Engineer
PhD in Physics with a robust academic background ranging from Nonlinear Dynamics to Quantum Optics, solving complex analytical and computational problems. In the last years he has been immersed in the blockchain ecosystem, focusing on team building and web3 project/product management.
Ramiro Vignolo
Principal Engineer
Nuclear Engineer with ten years of experience as a software developer in scientific computing and blockchain domains. Mainly focused in nuclear reactor physics, thermohydraulics, quantitative finances and smart contracts development.
Fabricio Gatti
Growth Manager
Nuclear Engineer with background in Marketing and Data Science. A passionate learner, proactive and flexibility to adapt to any field
Priscila Malnero
Marketing Analyst
Advanced Business Law student with a strong background in Marketing and Data Analysis. Work experience as a Community Manager and Outbound Manager mainly focused on the technology field.
Martina Lara Gros
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer with 4 years experience working for companies around the world on branding, editorial, digital media, e-mail marketing and now focused on User Interface and Product Design.
Verónica Briceño
Executive Assistant
Executive assistant with experience managing teams and strong organizational skills.
Barbara Dellerba
IT Recruiter
Advanced Business Administration and Management student, focused on Human Resources. Work experience in customer care, personnel selection and management.
Camila Rios
IT Recruiter
Extensive experience and training in IT recruitment and selection.
Delfina Zubizarreta
IT Recruiter
Bachelor in Social Communication, specialized in 2.0 recruitment with experience in community management and personnel selection.
Mayra Puentes Salim
Recruiter IT
Administration and HR with more than 4 years of experience in team management and coordination, founding partner of Consultant and Legal Advice.
Paula Diaz Velo
IT Recruiter
University professor and Psychology student, with more than 3 years of experience in personnel selection and communication.
Martín Monteoliva
IT Recruiter
Degree in Human Resources passionate about business and technology. Recruitment and personnel selection with more than 4 years of experience
Nelson Mendez
Low Code Developer
Web developer with more than 7 years of experience, currently specialized in low code technologies.

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