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Software Development, Done Right

We are the trusted software development partner that raises the bar beyond the scope of work, supporting your way to the unthinkable.

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Why Rather Labs ?

Join over 30 founders, startups and enterprises accelerating their growth and delivering high-quality and impactful applications
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Small Enough to Care Big
Enough to Scale

With Rather Labs, you get a partner that actually cares. Because of our engineering structure, you always have a key  stakeholder on watch.

Pricing That Lets You Scale

Extend your runway x4 with our transparent, affordable and cost-effective hourly fees for the top talent of LATAM

Top Talent That Pays Off

Transparent, affordable and cost-effective hourly fees for the top talent of LATAM

US Working Hours

Working with latam teams with similar timezone to US, and 4hs from Europe.

Over 30 Success Cases

The most powerful infrastructure technology in crypto
Rather Labs partnered Membrane to build a cross-blockchain decentralized platform with OTC trading, lending, derivatives, netting, and settlement capabilities.
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Learn how we are literally changing the way science works with Sthorm
Rather Labs has partnered with Sthorm to help leverage blockchain technologies for advancing and disseminating applied sciences with social and environmental impact.
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See how we made possible US$7M in sales in 2 months for a fast-growing NFT Launchpad.
When Mantial came to us, they had 5+ clients waiting to launch their NFT collection.Rather Labs built a scalable MVP in 2 months, allowing Mantial to open the floodgates and process +US$7M in sales in just two months.
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Streamlining Security Affordable and Intensive Blockchain Audit
Rather Labs made an affordable yet intensive Blockchain Security Audit, responding effectively to a client with urgency, making sure their code was audit ready to ensure a smooth start. Working on a comprehensive code which drastically improves the timeline of their audit.
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We partnered with literally the hottest project on the Elrond blockchain
Hatom partnered with Rather Labs to build and deliver in less than a year a key missing pillar of DeFi in the Elrond Network, the first decentralized lending & borrowing protocol.
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We helped France's No.1 Snapchat influencer launch its NFT collection
NasDas Squad is a collection of NFTs created in partnership with NasDas France's No.1 Snapchat influencer. The Rather Labs team worked on the design of the images, the connection to the Ethereum blockchain, and the development of the project's web app.
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We developed the standard for the implementation of NFTs in Nervos Network
Rather Labs partnered with Nervos, a 3rd generation blockchain, to implement a standard for creating and deploying non-fungible tokens (NFT). The main goal of the NRC-721 standard was to make it easier for developers in the community to use NFTs in their applications, thus speeding up new developments. Inspired by Ethereum's ERC-721, the NRC-721 token standard is a library of modular and reusable contracts for the blockchain.
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You Can’t Afford to Fail

Your company is always at the edge of oblivion, so each decision does actually count. Choosing the right tech partner is perhaps the most important one, and its not just about developing your MVP cheaply, but rather which of them can really support you along the way, reliably. At Rather Labs we don’t just do that, but also provide value throughout the whole process.

Top Talent That Pays Off

When you consider the cost of a software developer, don't forget to add the cost of fixing their bugs and maintaining their code. You would be surprised at how expensive cheaper developers are. You shouldn’t need to cross your fingers hoping to work with worthy teams. At Rather Labs you access the top 3% talent in LATAM. Every team, is a dream team.

Easier to Pivot

The fact that companies need fast turnraounds and to adapt quickly is no surprise to us. That is why we develop flexible software that is easy to change so new ideas don’t come with the overhead. Teams at Rather Labs will always provide the engineering expertise along with the lean intensity founders need.

Engineered Processes

At Rather Labs, we apply engineering to everything. Things work the way they work because they were thought out and automated, reducing as much human error as possible.

No CTO Required

When working with Rather Labs, you don’t need a CTO being on top of things. We actually do that for you. Every team at Rather Labs is overseen by a Principal Engineer ensuring we re-use all the knowledge from past projects and that your team doesn’t require any hand-holding.

Communication is Everything

We value communication a lot, this is why we strategically build teams close to your timezone so that we can be in sync at every step of the way.

We Go All the Way

Discovery / De-risking
We make sure you tie your shoelaces before running.
Challenge your project
Bring a fresh, honest POV to the table
Start next Monday.

100% of clients continued working with us after the discovery phase.
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Staff Augmentation
Low rates and fees.
Top 3% talent.
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Turnkey Project Development
Tailored software projects for mid to large companies and enterprises.
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MVP Development
Impress your investors by launching a disruptive MVP in 3 months.

90% of customers choose us again to develop new products.
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Be in Control at All Times

Besides our daily and weekly communications and reports, get a dashboard where you can show your stakeholders all the progress.
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NFTs for Your Milestones

For every big milestone achieved you will receive in your dashboard a hand-made NFT crafted for you as a gift.

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