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Armada Music

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The community that gives you exclusive access to the world of Armin van Buuren including exclusive events, access to the private discord channel, early access to new tracks, digital art, free tickets, Armin giveaways & much, much more…
Smart Contract Audit
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Can you imagine the world's largest independent dance music label? Let me introduce you to Armada Music, founded in 2003 by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis. Armada collects over 500 million streams per month and receives weekly airplay on major nationwide radio stations. The company has its own events brand, facilities, producer platform, and 1 million followers across its playlists.

With all this on the table, Armada Music dove into the blockchain ecosystem, creating Armin's All-Access, a Web3 based exclusive community.

Finding a Trusted Partner in the Music Industry

Armada Music faced a significant challenge in their search for a reliable and efficient provider of Smart Contract Audits. As a company that operates at the forefront of the music industry, it was essential for them to find a partner that could provide a solution that was not only cost-effective, but also flexible and supportive.

For Armada Music, it was imperative to find a partner that could meet their unique needs and ensure the success of their project. This underscores the importance of choosing an auditor that is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also committed to providing top-notch support and delivering high-quality solutions.

Streamlining Security
Affordable and Intensive Blockchain Audit

At Rather Labs, we understand that time and cost constraints play a critical role in any project's success. This is especially true in the rapidly evolving world of Blockchain technology where security is of the utmost importance.

That's why we have developed an affordable yet intensive Blockchain Security Audit solution to ensure their code was thoroughly vetted and ready to go with minimal hassle.

Our team of experts worked tirelessly to respond quickly and efficiently to meet the unique needs of our client. Our goal was to ensure that their project was up and running smoothly, free from the worries of security breaches and vulnerabilities.

A challenge?
Not for Rather Labs

We were tasked with auditing their smart-contract for a drop of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

To ensure the code for Armada Music's NFT drop was mainnet-ready, our team conducted a thorough manual inspection. Throughout the process, we kept their team informed with daily reports and maintained open lines of communication through multiple channels.

Our partnership with them is a testament to the trust they have in our expertise and our ability to deliver reliable and secure solutions.

Rather Labs made an affordable yet intensive Blockchain Security Audit, responding effectively to a client with urgency, making sure their code was audit ready to ensure a smooth start. Working on a comprehensive code which drastically improves the timeline of their audit.

Audit Process

  • Examination of the Project and Code: we thoroughly reviewed and examined the project and code to identify any potential security weaknesses or vulnerabilities.
  • Quote and Timeline: Based on our examination, we provided a quote and a timeline for completion of the audit.
  • Conducting the Audit: we conducted an intensive audit of the code to validate its security and identify any potential threats. This included testing the code for common vulnerabilities and conducting penetration testing to simulate real-world attacks.
  • Private Report: we created a private report that detailed our findings and recommendations for improving the security of the code. This report was made available exclusively to the client and was not shared with any third parties.
  • Results Published: Our team then published the results of the audit, including a summary of our findings and recommendations for improvement. This provided the client with the information they needed to make informed decisions about the security of their project.

Rik Oostenbroek
The Man Behind the Digital Art

Rik Oostenbroek is one of the world’s most exciting Web3 artists. He has worked for global brands such as Porsche, Apple, Samsung, HP, BMW and Philips as a freelance digital artist for fifteen years prior to entering the web3 space, and now counts as one of the top creators of one-of-a-kind, exceedingly in-demand (digital) art pieces, flaunting an abstract approach, organic forms and striking colors.

Armin Van Buuren X Rik Oostenbroek

  • AAA tokens are available on their official website, in ten variations, created by world-renowned Web3 artist Rik Oostenbroek.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive a randomized AAA token.
  • There are eight (8) regular color variations and two (2) limited editions: the super-rare Color token and the ultra-rare Gold token.
  • The amount of available tokens is limited (2500). The tokens are available at ETH 0.16 a piece (ex gas- & transaction fees)
  • You’re able to purchase an Armin’s All-Access token with crypto, iDeal, credit card, Bancontact or Apple Pay
  • Every token grants access to a private section within Armin van Buuren’s Discord server and comes with a lot of utilities.

Our Team Leadership

They’ve worked closely with different members of our company:

Ramiro picture
Principal Engineer
Facundo picture
Principal Engineer
Santiago picture
Project Manager


The team worked closely with key members of our organization, including…

Federico Agustín Caccia
Franco Scucchiero

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The community that gives you exclusive access to the world of Armin van Buuren including exclusive content.

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