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The Bridge to Virtual and
Augmented Reality

We are your go-to design and development solution for VR & AR. We help you build interactive and memorable experiences, so you can stand out in a digital world innovating with VR/AR technologies.

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Want to Be Part of the Future or Not?

The adoption of Virtual and Augmented Reality is increasing quickly, but beyond the hype: let us show you how VR & AR can truly change your business. Don’t be left out!

We go from an idea to design, development and launch, transforming ordinary into a cutting-edge product.

With us don’t be afraid to ask for the impossible.

Taking Your Business to New Heights

We provide an end-to-end solution tailored to your needs and industry.

We focus on a clear understanding of product vision and business goals to deliver quantifiable results that makes you stand above the rest.

See How Your Idea Becomes a Reality

Innovate, disrupt and create your own story with VR/AR.

We bring your boundary breaking ideas to life, working closely with you to develop a product that matches your original vision.

Lets break the barrier between the digital and physical world!

The Process

Product Strategy

Confused about how to go from an idea to reality?
We help you from the proof of concept development and interactivity optimization to platform and hardware selection, talent identification and management.
We ensure that the product is meeting the set goals.


We team-up a group of engineers matching their experience with your project requirements.  
We are committed to delivering top-notch, high-quality products that meet and exceed your expectations.


We don't just stop at launch, our support can continues even after deployment to ensure that your product is running smoothly and delivering the value you need.

Our Approach

Our team is expert at creating experiences that are tailored to the client’s needs, and we work closely with them to ensure a successful outcome.
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Top and Passionate Teams

We build teams of highly qualified people and passionate about technology that let you have your head in the clouds but your feet in the ground.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices lets you scale.
We can fit a startup’s budget and always deliver a product that adds real value to your business.

Don't Need to be Tech Expert

We assign a Principal Engineer to every team, so you don’t actually require a CTO. We take care of the technical aspect of your project, while you focus on your business strategy.

Agile Methodology

We belive that working closely to you and with a clear communication is crucial.
We will understand your needs and constantly improving through feedback loops.

Don’t Know How VR/AR Can Be Applied
to Your Business?

Enter a New World of Gaming
Experience the Future of Design
The Next Generation of Training
A Game Changer for Logistics
Virtual Tours
Shop Beyond Reality

VR/AR Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR and AR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment that can be interacted with using specialized equipment. This technology immerses the user in an entirely simulated world, creating a sense of presence in the digital environment. It is primarily used for gaming, entertainment, and training applications, but it also has potential uses in fields like education, healthcare, and architecture.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information and media, such as images, text, and video, on top of the real world. This technology enhances the user's perception of the real world, rather than replacing it like in Virtual Reality. It's used in various fields such as gaming, education, manufacturing, marketing, and many more.

What are the benefits of using VR/AR?

The main benefits of using VR/AR technologies in a business include:
Improved productivity: VR and AR can help employees work more efficiently, faster and safely, by allowing them to visualize and interact with complex data, or by allowing them to access and perform tasks remotely.

Cost savings: Using VR or AR technology can lead to cost savings through reduced travel costs, reduced prototyping and testing costs, and reduced training costs.

Access to new market opportunities: VR and AR technologies can open new business opportunities by providing new ways to interact with customers, or by enabling remote access to products and services.And much more!

Which tools are used for developing VR/AR solutions?

A variety of tools can be used. Some examples include Unity, Unreal Engine, Vuforia, Amazon Sumerian, XR Interaction Toolkit, A-Frame, ARKit, ARCore, and OpenVR/OpenXR. Each of these tools has their own unique features and functionalities and cater to different needs, development platforms and also require a certain level of expertise to work with. For instance, Unity and Unreal Engine are game engines and development platforms that are widely used for creating VR and AR experiences and can handle complex graphics and physics simulations. Whereas Vuforia is an AR development platform that allows for easy creation of AR experiences for mobile devices. OpenVR and OpenXR are open source SDKs that provide support for multiple VR hardware on different platforms. The choice of tool depends on the specific requirements of the project, the developer's expertise and also the target platforms.

How much do AR and VR development cost?

How much do AR and VR development cost?
The cost of AR and VR development can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the complexity of the project, the features required, the platforms that need to be supporte, the team’s size and location.

However, it's important to note that cost is not the only consideration when developing AR and VR solutions. It's also important to consider the potential benefits that the technology could bring to your business.

Furthermore, we offer flexible pricing options, such as hourly rates and fixed prices, that can make AR/VR development more accessible to smaller businesses and startups. Get in touch so we can provide a detailed quote for your project.

The Words of Our Partners

Custom Software Dev
Oncologist & CEO, Children's Cancer Charity Org

"It is always an absolute pleasure to meet with the team."

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Hatom Labs

"They were always on top of every task and assigned the required workforce to develop our project."

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Game Development
Senior Project Manager, Nervos Network

"They’ve figured out the Nervos blockchain, which is a pretty difficult one."

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Custom Software Dev
Founder & CEO, End-to-End NFT Solution Provider

"They understood the trade-offs between quality and speed that a startup faces perfectly well."

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Crowdfunding Platform
CEO & Founder

"Working with rather Rather Labs has saved us a lot of time and money."

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Consumer Products Company

"We like their ability to be flexible in what we have asked of them."

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Sr. Manager Financial Operations

"They asked thoughtful questions to assist in developing a better product."

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