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Amazing Teams, on Demand

We match you with the top 3% talent in LATAM in 72hs for a fraction of the cost of other agencies so you start innovating, fast.

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Principal Engineer
Buenos Aires, Arg
40 hrs/wk
Principal Engineer
Buenos Aires, Arg
40 hrs/wk
Principal Engineer
Barcelona, Spain
40 hrs/wk
Blockchain Developer
40 hrs/wk
Unity Developer
40 hrs/wk
80% of the candidates we present are hired by our partners

We Are the Staffing Partner That Actually Cares

Rather Labs was built to help founders, startups and companies find, hire, and manage top technical talent without the hassle, on a budget.

Vetted Matches in 72hs
Get assisted matching with the top 3% of the talent in 3 days
Replacement Guarantee
Each time you ask us to replace a dev we give you a discount of 200$ on your next bill
Pricing That Lets You Scale
Transparent, affordable and cost-effective hourly fees for the top talent of LATAM
Here Is What You Are Looking For
  Automated platforms “Competitive” Agencies
Meaningful Talent Match 72hs 72hs 1 month+
Talent Hourly Rates 20-50 usd/hr +50 usd/hr +70 usd/hr
Markup 15-25% Depending on the length of the engagement 15-30% ???
Talent Quality 3% 1-5% 1-5%
Pre-vetted talent Yes Not always Not always
Quality Guarantee YesEach time you want to replace a dev we give you a discount of 200$ usd Not always No
Recruiting Costs None 20-30% 20-30%
Termination Costs None None Yes

Get Top Talent and
Be Always in the Know

Hire with ease. Our transparent process and synced dashboard keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

From rates to sick leaves, see it all.
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Say Goodbye to HR Headaches

Leave the HR hassle to us and focus on what really matters - your project's success. Our staff augmentation service offers top talent and management, so you can relax and see results.
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Are You Ready to Scale Your Business?
We Make the Process Effortless

  • 1

    Required Positions Descriptions

    All you need to do is tell us your specific requirements for a developer. It is all we need to match you with the best fit for your project, ensuring a seamless and successful experience.

  • 2


    We conduct sourcing, technical interviews and challenges with over 10 recruiters. With our wide database of +6000 developers, we match you with top talent in 72 hs. After the tech interview and onboarding, the developer will be working on your project in only 2 weeks.

  • 3

    Presentation of Candidates

    We carefully prepare a presentation for you, including the developers' profiles, their rates and the expected starting date. This allows you to make an informed decision, ensuring the best fit for your project.

  • 4

    Interview Candidates Customizable

    Interview the candidates and ensure that they meet your expectations and can fit in well with your team. This stage is fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

  • 5

    Developers Selection

    It's the moment where you get to choose the best fit for your project from our pre-screened and qualified pool of candidates. Our goal is to provide you with all the information and resources you need to make an informed decision and ensure a successful outcome for your project.

  • 6

    Performance Tracking

    We maintain an effective communication with you throughout the process by scheduling regular check-ins with our dedicated People Care team. Meetings are scheduled one week after the hire and then every month to evaluate the performance and conformity of the candidate to ensure we are meeting your expectations.

Our Hiring Process

HR Interview
Technical Challenge
Technical Interview
Psychological Interview
Candidate Presentation
Learn More

Efficiency in Hiring

48 hs
For Sourcing and First Interview
24 hs
For Candidate Presentation

Get the Best of Both Worlds

We also love hiring our own team, but the truth is it often has more cons than pros and ends up dragging your time, money and attention.

Extend Your Runway

Talent is expensive, that is why LATAM is a goldmine. Protect your budget with our low fees and our affordable talent

Your Team Gets Paid on Time, Always.

We facilitate payments in any way the team wants. whether its crypto, wire or even cash in hand.

We take care of any tax & legal compliance.

Know Your Team

Your teammates have names and faces, you don’t have to worry about dodgy agencies moving your team around. If someone wants to move on to another thing or join another project, we’ll let you know

Language, Timezone & Culture

We make sure we send over candidates matching your language, timezone & culture requirements

Every Perk & Benefit

We make sure your team has everything their need so you don't need to be worried about career plan.
Rather Labs will have your back and support you and your team making sure a you don't get surprise that put your project in jeopardy.

Elevate Your Project with Top Talent

Some of Our Clients

Learn how we worked with a top OTC trading and lending firm to decentralize settlements
Rather Labs partnered with Membrane, a decentralized OTC trading and lending firm that facilitates access to DeFi for financial institutions, to provide with access to a selection of highly skilled engineers from the top talent of LATAM.
See case
Learn how we are literally changing the way science works with Sthorm
Rather Labs has partnered with Sthorm to help leverage blockchain technologies for advancing and disseminating applied sciences with social and environmental impact.
See case
See how we made possible US$7M in sales in 2 months for a fast-growing NFT Launchpad.
When Mantial came to us, they had 5+ clients waiting to launch their NFT collection.Rather Labs built a scalable MVP in 2 months, allowing Mantial to open the floodgates and process +US$7M in sales in just two months.
See case
Streamlining Security Affordable and Intensive Blockchain Audit
Rather Labs made an affordable yet intensive Blockchain Security Audit, responding effectively to a client with urgency, making sure their code was audit ready to ensure a smooth start. Working on a comprehensive code which drastically improves the timeline of their audit.
See case
We partnered with literally the hottest project on the Elrond blockchain
Hatom partnered with Rather Labs to build and deliver in less than a year a key missing pillar of DeFi in the Elrond Network, the first decentralized lending & borrowing protocol.
See case
We helped France's No.1 Snapchat influencer launch its NFT collection
NasDas Squad is a collection of NFTs created in partnership with NasDas France's No.1 Snapchat influencer. The Rather Labs team worked on the design of the images, the connection to the Ethereum blockchain, and the development of the project's web app.
See case
We developed the standard for the implementation of NFTs in Nervos Network
Rather Labs partnered with Nervos, a 3rd generation blockchain, to implement a standard for creating and deploying non-fungible tokens (NFT). The main goal of the NRC-721 standard was to make it easier for developers in the community to use NFTs in their applications, thus speeding up new developments. Inspired by Ethereum's ERC-721, the NRC-721 token standard is a library of modular and reusable contracts for the blockchain.
See case

Ok But What’s Your Tech Stack?


Where is Rather Labs Based?
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Although our team is remote-first and spread all over the world, most of Rather Labs' talent comes from Latin America.

The working hours of our teams are aligned with North American business hours, and only 4 hours different from European time.

This makes Rather Labs an excellent cost-effective development solution for most entrepreneurs.

Will I Have My Own Team Working on My Product?
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Rather Labs team will select a Principal Engineer with subject matter expertise who will lead the initial research, will be designing and assembling the main system architecture and, together with you, selecting key milestones in the development roadmap.

During the development of the project, the Principal Engineer will be leading technically a team integrated by senior developers and coordinated by a Project Manager.

How Can I Estimate The Cost of Launching an MVP?
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Usually, the development of an MVP is composed of three phases: an initial inception phase, during which the Principal Engineer expert in the field conducts research focused on analyzing the design, proposing robust alternative solutions and evaluating the idea.

Next, we move on to the development stage, in which we assign the Principal Engineer a squad, usually composed of frontend devs, backend devs, blockchain devs devops experts and a project manager.

At the end, we reach the last stage, which includes a strong testing, QA and documentation stage.

Depending on the project you want to build, the timing of each stage will vary. It is possible that your project does not require an inception stage, or a testing stage. At each stage, the cost is directly related to the developer positions.

So the final cost will be completely transparent, and calculated based on the rate of our developers and the total time that each one dedicates to the project.

Rather Labs Has Expertise in DeFi?
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Rather Labs' engineers have worked on countless DeFi projects, among them: Membrane, an OTC trading and lending platform for institutions; Hatom, the first lending protocol in Elrond, based on the Compound protocol; Rather Labs Vaults, a market neutral investment alternatives platform for institutions.

Rather Labs Has Expertise in NFTs Development?
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Rather Labs' engineers have worked on countless NFT projects, among them: Mantial, an NFT launchpad running on ImmutableX; Celebrity SmackDown, the first NFT game on Nervos blockchain; Kollect, the first NFT marketplace on Nervos blockchain; Channel, a fashion NFT e-commerce. Rather Labs has also developed standard NRC-721, the NFT standard on Nervos blockchain.

Rather Labs Has Expertise in Solana?
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Rather Labs' engineers have worked on several Solana projects, among them: NFT collections and market neutral strategies automation.

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