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November 2, 2022

How To Make The Perfect Pitch For Your Tech Startup

Key Points

The Power Of Storytelling

Technology has the infrastructure to turn concrete visions into reality, but it needs an essence to attract a like-minded community to operate. Create this link by building the mission, goals, and values of your startup by using the power that storytelling holds.

Being able to trace a meaning for the product you are building is key. Picturing what the past without it looked like, how the lack of its existence shaped the audience you are selling it to, and how the future is going to be once that need is satisfied, will help you build its ecosystem and make it bright and detailed. Having all these facts lined up can help you build a narrative that succeeds at making your target relate to what you are selling and, even better, make them want to be an active part of it.

Through the development of a product or service, we can deeply impact the lives of those around us, shaping reality and creating new pathways of expression or a merely simpler life. Depending on the area or market your startup is designed for, you will use a different tone to spread your message, but here’s what a successful pitch looks like:

P.I.T.C.H (What Does It Take?)

Problem Solving Skills 

Before launching your product, have a clear picture of how it is that what you are creating has a solution that works for the problems your product was designed for. In which way does it help society? What tool does it bring to the table?

Inspire An Action 

When creating a sales strategy, have an end goal in mind that you're leading your audience to. Make sure all your actions align with every milestone in your business’ roadmap and be intentional with what you communicate and how you are doing it as a brand, be that through writing, audio, or images. A well-branded product goes a very long way.

Tailor It To The Audience

Define your target audience by studying the market and who the problem you are going to solve speaks to. After having it clear, analyze their behavior, hopes, dreams, frustrations, and pain points that affect them. By building your buyer persona and making it as detailed as possible, you create a message that will speak directly to them. You don’t need a million users to take off, you just need a truly engaged niche.

Concise (Quick And To The Point)

User experience is one of the keys that will help your startup stand out from the rest and be chosen. Having great design loses its power if the interface you created is not intuitive and makes the user struggle. Nowadays, people don’t spend too much time, energy, or attention on content that’s not engaging in the first seconds of interaction. Take your chance and score a point.

Heart (Be Passionate And Inspire!) 

Make sure you love what you do and believe in it for it to be contagious. If you believe in what you are doing, people surely are going to notice it. There are creatives and advertising professionals that can help you enhance and communicate your message in ways that will place your product in the correct spotlight it is aiming for.

Anchoring Creativity And Boosting Sales

A successful pitch needs you to know by heart what it is that your products or services offer, the context it is coming into, the story revolving around its appearance, its mission and values, and the target audience you are talking to. Having confidence when delivering the idea is crucial: you'll want to talk plenty about why there is a clear need for what you are bringing to the table while showing that you've done a thorough benchmark study (meaning, complete market research with the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps of your direct and indirect competitors).

Ready, set, go! The perfect pitch for your product will take you to places you’ve never even imagined.


Rather Labs works with entrepreneurs and tech startups to help them boost and develop their projects in a fast, seamless way. A pitch might not always be perfect, but it sure does need to be attractive.There are a few key things to remember when it comes to startup pitching. First, know your audience and what they want to hear. Second, be honest about your company and don't try to deceive anyone. Third, keep your pitch short and sweet, no more than three to five minutes. Finally, practice regularly so that you can perfect your presentation skills.By following these tips, you can increase your chances of impressing potential investors and securing funding for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your pitch today!

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Head of People
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