Terrae #10 Official Terrae Map

Welcome terranians! I have the honor of sharing with you (our beloved community) the progress of the project. In this opportunity, I’ll show you the map of Terrae and its different interactive zones.
Terrae Map

As mentioned before, the Middle Earth is our main reference to create Terrae. That’s why, we have decided to keep a similar artistic style but with a touch of innovation from our side: interactive zones to play, trade and conquer!

Now let’s talk about the different zones and their functionalities.

Farms — Houses

Farms - Houses are places to bet liquidity provider tokens to receive DENARIS tokens. You will earn DENARIS tokens that you can use in the game to buy commanders (NFT), Lands and other items just by betting LP tokens. It will be the main building in the first Phase of Terrae, a very interesting and fun part of the game.


The Bank, known also as the Reserve of the Free Peoples, will allow users to borrow money ($DENI) from it, depositing a collateral and paying an interest considering an APY that will change depending on the total reserve and the volumen of money lent. Lenders will also earn passive income at a variable APY.


The Marketplace is the center of commerce in Terrae, where players can trade NFTs and other items on the Polygon blockchain.

Decentralized Mountains

These mountains have the function of providing players with daily expeditions to collect different resources. Some of the resources that can be found in their mansions are: Iron, Silver, Gold and Diamonds. This will help to craft different items that will improve the stats of the commanders. In addition, personal lands can be upgraded and much more!

Enchanted forests

They have the same functionality as the decentralized mountains. In this area, you can obtain different types of rare woods, hunt wild animals to make clothes from their skins and create foods to feed the commanders.

Corrupted Lands

Better known as the Dark Lands of the Lord of Shadows. Its influence continues to pollute, but with less influence than in the Dark Ages. This zone will have different automatic events. Some of them like fighting against orcs or recovering ancient treasures.

This map will change with the actions of players within Terrae.
Join us to defeat the Lord of Shadows together and prove your bravery by leading your empire to glory!

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Terrae #10 Official Terrae Map
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