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Terrae #12: Development Update

February has passed and we thought it would be a good idea to sum up what we have...
Key Points

Terrae #12: Development Update

Different Human NFTs Models

February has passed and we thought it would be a good idea to sum up what we have been doing this month and give you a taste of what’s to come.

Some of the things we’ve been working on:

· Map updates 🗺

· DEX incoming 💰

· NFTs designs 🎴

As you all know, Terrae goal is to take GameFi to a whole new level, so we have been working on developing both our gameplay and our financial ecosystem.

-Map updates🗺

Mapping in Progress.

As we told you in one of our previous Medium posts, we have made some progress in our map, with new zones, art and even names are coming up!
These new buildings and areas are for both gameplay and DeFi, and they will be progressively enabled for players to interact with them.

Farm — Houses

People will be able to trade, stake, farm and give many other uses to $DENI. Some of the trading and staking buildings belong to what we call the phase 0, where we focus mainly on DeFi. After that, phase 1 starts,where we will focus more on the gameplay, like in the resource management.

Enchanted forests

-DEX Incoming💰

Terrae’s DEX

Every day that passes our DEX gets closer and closer. Our goal is for it to be ready in two weeks. In our DEX, you will be able to get Denaris ($DENI), the main currency of Terrae. We are also working on the claiming system for those who won giveaways and airdrops.

Denaris, the coin minted by common agreement among free peoples.

Denaris will have many uses, some of which are:

  • to acquire lands.
  • to acquiere NFTs (knights, heroes, wizards) in presales.
  • to trade on the P2P marketplace.
  • to swap resources (gold, stone, wood, others) in pools.
  • to inject liquidity in pair pools and earn yield on LPs.
  • to lend/borrow from Bank.
  • as a governance token.

Returning to our DEX, Terrae’s DEX implements Uniswap V2 contracts. It consists of an automatic liquidity protocol, which determines prices using a constant product formula and implemented in a set of non-updatable smart contracts. This eliminates the need for trust relationships, providing decentralization, security, and censorship resistance.

For more information of our DEX, you can check this post.

-More Human NFTs designs.🎴

There will be 10,000 Human NFTs

As mentioned before, Terrae’s commanders are NFTs that have different uses in Terrae. They also have different races, gender, faces, hairstyles, armors and weapons. Our artist has been working really hard on the first Human NFTs collection, let me show you some of them.

Female Lancer

As you can see, some new models, styles and weapons have been added. You can expect even more of these in the next weeks. We are still defining the details to deploy our first NFTs. There will be more information on how and when to acquire them soon.

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