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Our Approach

Witness the confluence of innovation and precision at Rather Labs, where we harness technology and creativity to bring your project to fruition.

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Rather Labs

Craft outstanding products leveraging our top-tier engineering team. We handle the development, maintenance, and support of your software applications. Our dedication to transparency, affordability, and cost-effectiveness sets the benchmark.

Boost your team's capacity without the HR complications. We handle hiring, contractors' benefits, wellbeing, and all other HR necessities. Concentrate on your core business and strategic planning while we manage the rest.

Safeguard your smart contracts and decentralized apps. Our skilled team meticulously scrutinizes your code, identifying vulnerabilities, and rectifying design issues to ensure your applications are secure and Mainnet ready.

Prefer direct engagement with your newly onboarded talent? We've got you covered. We source, filter, and vet IT candidates, enabling you to effortlessly add the ideal developers to your team in no time.

Our Process

Discovery & Quote
Duration: 3 DAYS

We kickstart the process by aligning on expected outcomes, clarifying project scope, identifying dependencies and providing you with an accurate project quotation.

Team Building
Duration: 1 WEEK

We assemble a team of experienced engineers, specifically tailored to your project requirements.

Duration: 3 MONTHS

Acknowledging the urgency to launch a product swiftly for feedback and quick iteration, we prioritize an efficient development process.

Launching & Scaling

We expedite time-to-market by narrowing the scope, enabling us to launch swiftly and conduct tests promptly.

Requirements Discovery
Duration: 1 DAYS

We kickstart the process by aligning on expected outcomes, clarifying project scope, identifying dependencies and providing you with an accurate project quotation.

Presentation of Candidates
Duration: 1 WEEK

We present a vetted selection of candidates who align perfectly with your specifications, paving the way for a smooth integration.

Duration: 1 WEEK

You choose from our curated talent pool, finding the best fit for your project needs and team dynamics.

Performance Tracking

Our sync dashboard keeps you updated on your team's progress. Regular meetings with our People Care team ensure communication efficiency, alignment with your company values, and prompt addressing of potential issues.

Duration: 1 DAY

We start by providing a process overview and discussing the project's scope and requirements for a seamless audit.

Duration: 3 DAYS

By understanding your project's technical and functional needs, we provide an accurate time and cost estimate.

Duration: 4 WEEKS

Our expert team scrutinizes your blockchain code comprehensively, identifying vulnerabilities and potential issues.

Final Report
Duration: 1 WEEK

We deliver a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations, empowering you to enhance your blockchain's security and functionality.

Requirements Discovery
Duration: 1 DAY

We pinpoint your unique requirements for a potential developer, formulating a detailed candidate profile for a perfect match.

Presentation of Candidates
Duration: 1 WEEK

Leveraging our database of over 6000 exceptional developers, we source and evaluate candidates. We present the top 3-5 that align with your needs, ensuring you get access to the best talent.

Duration: 1 WEEK

We present you our top-notch candidates from which you make your final selection. Your choice is based entirely on what suits your project best.

Start Work

We facilitate a quick and efficient onboarding, ensuring that your new team members will be equipped and ready to start contributing to your project without delay.

Inception Phase - Kickstart
Your Project with Clarity

The Inception Phase sets your project up for success from day one. We define the objective and scope, align vision across stakeholders, identify potential risks, and outline a strategy. This clear roadmap results in efficient use of resources and high-quality outcomes.

Want to give your project a strategic head start?
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How Rather Labs Model
Differs From Other Solutions

Rather Labs breaks traditional software development bounds. We thrive on challenges and offer continuous value, transparent pricing, and quality. With our engineering-first mindset and strategic timezone alignment, we ensure efficient communication and project execution.

What You Can Expect
Working With Rather Labs

We will assign you a team passionate about technology, eager to learn about your project, with the ability to contribute ideas, strengthen the design, develop it and take it to production.

All this in an agile environment, always looking for feedback from your side and thinking about strategies to scale the product when it gains traction.

Our engineers have vast experience in creating NFTs Platforms, Decentralized Games, AI projects, DeFi protocols, fintech applications, Web2 platform migrations and much more.

Any complexity is a challenge that we will take. You only need to worry about the business.
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Our Success Stories

Decentralizing Settlements for a Leading OTC Trading and Lending Firm

Rather Labs collaborated with Membrane to build a cross-blockchain decentralized platform with OTC trading, lending, derivatives, netting, and settlement capabilities. We offered Membrane access to a select group of highly skilled engineers from LATAM's top talent pool.
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