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DeFi Case Study

TAO-MVX Bridge

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Connecting Ecosystems, Enhancing Utility. The Bridge Transformed Token Use Between Bittensor and MultiversX Blockchains.
Backend Development
Web3 Integration
Smart Contracts Development
DeFi Research
Rust Development

Within the first hour of launch, the bridge facilitated transactions worth $10M USD.

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Unveiling the Future of Blockchain Interconnectivity

In an era where blockchain technology is rapidly evolving, interoperability between different blockchain ecosystems is paramount.

Discover the TAO Bridge, a groundbreaking project developed by Rather Labs, aimed at connecting the Bittensor blockchain with the MultiversX ecosystem, thereby enhancing the utility and value of the TAO token for its users.

The Genesis of TAO Bridge

TAO Bridge emerged to address a significant challenge faced by Bittensor blockchain users. Despite the growing popularity of Bittensor, users were limited in their ability to leverage their earned TAO tokens beyond basic transactions like selling or staking.

Recognizing this gap, the vision for TAO Bridge was conceived by Rather Labs to unlock new opportunities and utilities for TAO token holders within the MultiversX ecosystem.

Bridging Ecosystems for Greater Value

The primary vision behind TAO Bridge was to quickly create a bridge that would attract the growing interest in the Bittensor blockchain and channel it into the MultiversX ecosystem. This bridge would not only allow seamless token transfers but also provide users with the ability to leverage their TAO tokens in more meaningful ways, such as lending and liquid staking.

A challenge?
Not for Rather Labs

The challenges ahead were clear, but so was the determination to overcome them.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence transformed what seemed like daunting challenges into achievable milestones. The result was a sophisticated, user-friendly bridge that not only connected two powerful blockchain ecosystems but also significantly enhanced the utility of TAO tokens.

Approximately +$16M USD were invested in the TAO Bridge, reflecting strong user adoption and trust.


To address the challenges faced by Bittensor blockchain users, Rather Labs developed a comprehensive and innovative solution. The bridge converts TAO tokens into wTAO tokens within the MultiversX ecosystem, expanding their usability in lending and liquid staking protocols.

Key to the solution's success were meticulously crafted smart contracts, rigorously audited for security and reliability. One contract manages the minting of synthetic wTAO tokens, while another facilitates liquid staking, offering more functionality than traditional TAO tokens.

The bridge is designed for speed and efficiency, allowing users to receive wTAO tokens within minutes. This rapid processing time enhances user experience, making the bridge a functional and convenient tool. Through these advanced features, Rather Labs has significantly increased token utility and ensured quick, secure transactions.

Our Team Leadership

They’ve worked closely with different members of our company:


The team worked closely with key members of our organization, including…

Federico Agustín Caccia
Franco Scucchiero

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