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DeFi Case Study
Vaultbet allows users to initiate and accept bets on various events. The platform may incorporate Blockchain technology and canisters to organize and preserve information related to the bets.
Backend Development
Frontend Development
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Vaultbet's Race Against Time

Vaultbet was faced with a formidable challenge: to develop a cutting-edge betting platform in a mere 30 days, using an emerging Blockchain technology that was not yet widely recognized. The client required a solution that was both cost-effective and flexible, with robust support throughout the development process.

However, despite having a clear vision for their product and the decision to use ICP as their Blockchain of choice, the client was grappling with a fundamental misunderstanding of how to bring their idea to life.

A Truly Innovate Blockchain Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)

ICP is the only general-purpose blockchain that runs decentralized apps at web speed. One of their best attributes is that all the content of an app (front-end and back-end) is uploaded to the blockchain in modules called canisters; removing the need for more traditional services like AWS. In order to do this, it has very cheap prices for information storage and query costs.

A challenge?
Not for Rather Labs

Entering this complex scenario, our team was determined to provide a tailored and innovative solution that would exceed the client's expectations and deliver a betting platform that was both secure and efficient.

We were tasked with developing a comprehensive back-end solution, as well as providing support for front-end integration. Our team carefully analyzed the interaction between the front-end and the contracts, and provided detailed examples and guidance to streamline the integration process.

This involved not only developing the entire back-end infrastructure, but also actively working with the client to troubleshoot and solve any issues they encountered during the integration phase.

Revolutionizing The Sports Betting Market

We developed a peer-to-peer betting site using a truly innovative Blockchain technology: Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).

Rather Labs completed the project in record time with the potential to revolutionize the Sports Betting market. Providing integration support, being guides, referents and providing solidity.

The Global Gambling Market is expected to grow by $260.44 bn during 2023-2027, accelerating at a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period

Development Roadmap

With our comprehensive orientation process, we take the client's hand and lead them on the right path to ensure their project's success.

We developed the complete back-end infrastructure, incorporating vital on-chain contracts such as:

  • OrderBook: a sample contract that manages all bets for a specific match and ensures the efficient storage and distribution of rewards
  • Controller: a unique contract that keeps a record of all deployed "OrderBook" contracts and regularly consults an external API for game results.

We also provided support to the front-end team to seamlessly integrate the back-end infrastructure.

In order to mitigate any potential development challenges, we created a local environment of the Blockchain and integrated a special canister for handling money on the platform. This was necessary as the client had chosen the ICP blockchain, which does not have a Testnet like other Blockchains do.

Our Team Leadership

We put together a custom-built team, who took ownership of the project and approached it with a clear vision and methodology.

Principal Engineer
Project Manager


The team worked closely with key members of our organization, including…

Federico Agustín Caccia
Franco Scucchiero

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