Crypto Expo Europe

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March 2024
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Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest
Crypto Expo Europe is the largest Crypto and Blockchain conference in Eastern Europe, with a 10 years experience in Global Expo Events with more than 4000 attendees.
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About Us

Rather Labs breaks traditional software development bounds. We thrive on challenges and offer continuous value, transparent pricing, and quality.

With our engineering-first mindset and strategic timezone alignment, we ensure efficient communication and project execution.

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Not the usual old software factory, but Rather the Lab of software development to design, develop, launch and scale your project.

Rather Labs

Craft outstanding products leveraging our top-tier engineering team. We handle the development, maintenance, and support of your software applications. Our dedication to transparency, affordability, and cost-effectiveness sets the benchmark.

Boost your team's capacity without the HR complications. We handle hiring, contractors' benefits, wellbeing, and all other HR necessities. Concentrate on your core business and strategic planning while we manage the rest.

Safeguard your smart contracts and decentralized apps. Our skilled team meticulously scrutinizes your code, identifying vulnerabilities, and rectifying design issues to ensure your applications are secure and Mainnet ready.

Prefer direct engagement with your newly onboarded talent? We've got you covered. We source, filter, and vet IT candidates, enabling you to effortlessly add the ideal developers to your team in no time.

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  • How we helped founders and startups to design, develop and launch their projects globally
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