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Their Lives Matter

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Their Lives Matter (TLM) is a collaboration of charities from Tanzania, Ireland, and the UK, dedicated to offering high-quality, free cancer treatment to every child in Tanzania.
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The Crusade Against Child Cancer

In the heartland of Tanzania, a silent battle rages on. Every day, 10 children were diagnosed with cancer, with a staggering 90% of these young souls loosing their fight against the disease.

The challenges were multifaceted - from the lack of resources and infrastructure to the complexities of administering precise chemotherapy dosages.

Behold Their Lives Matter (TLM), a collaboration of charities from Tanzania, Ireland, and the UK, dedicated to offering high-quality, free cancer treatment to every child in Tanzania.

Today, after the inception of Their Lives Matter (TLM), the survival rate is 50% with a 600% increase in treatments.

TLM's Obstacle: Chemotherapy Calculations

Their Lives Matter is not just an organization; it's a movement. A movement to ensure that every child in Tanzania diagnosed with cancer receives high-quality treatment, free of charge.

However, this noble journey comes with its share of roadblocks. TLM faces critical challenges in their mission to transform pediatric oncology care in Tanzania:

- Manual chemotherapy calculations can be complex and error-prone, especially in busy hospitals with limited resources.
- There is a constant need to update and innovate their pediatric oncology records system to keep up with cancer care demands.

Healing Through Social Commitment

Their Lives Matters has been at the forefront of this noble cause, striving to change the narrative for pediatric cancer patients in Tanzania.

Driven by a deep commitment to society and the well-being of its most vulnerable, Rather Labs has offered its expertise, joining TLM on February 2023. Inspired by TLM's leadership and vision, we have been instrumental in enhancing the pediatric oncology records system and the chemotherapy protocols and dosing calculator. These initiatives not only streamline the treatment process but also ensure accuracy, reducing errors and enhancing patient outcomes.

Revolutionizing TLM's System:

From Improved Search to User-Praised Enhancements

Rather Labs improved the search functionality of TLM's system, added new features, and addressed existing issues. We ensured code quality by creating a modular proof of concept and prioritized user feedback to enhance their experience. We also collaborated closely with the product owner and development team to refine tasks and maintain a clear project direction.

These features are now being used by hospitals in Tanzania, and we are proud to have contributed to their healthcare system.

We're happy to report that users are pleased with the improvements we've made and appreciate that their voices have been heard. This kind of feedback loop is vital to maintaining a strong user experience and building trust with our users.

But our journey is not over: We continue to develop different features based on user feedback, ensuring that every innovation aligns with the evolving needs of those we serve.

How to Support

By donating to TLM you’re helping to save lifes everyday

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Their Lives Matter

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Their Lives Matter is a collaboration of charities dedicated to offering free cancer treatment to every child in Tanzania.

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