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Terrae #7 What’s Behind the Game?

Terrae was conceived as an idea in 2018, when a group of entrepreneurs and developers passionate…
Key Points

Terrae was conceived as an idea in 2018, when a group of entrepreneurs and developers passionate about blockchain technology and medieval stories, imagined the fusion of all these ideas in a decentralized world.

For a long time, these entrepreneurs gained experience in different projects in the world of blockchain, giving rise to the company of which I am a part, Rather Labs.

It took three more years for these ideas to get down to lines of code and begin to become a reality.

Terrae is a decentralized finance and gaming platform set on a medieval world running on Polygon blockchain.

In Terrae, you can build cities, train armies and fight in tournaments to prove your worth and earn rewards.

The history of Terrae is divided into Ages…

Age of Darkness

For countless years the Lord of Shadows oppressed the peoples, incapacitating them and preventing their development.

The Lord of Shadows issued an Empire coin, SHADOW, used to pay citizens for their jobs, but he suffocated them with terrible taxes. The citizens of Terrae worked the land to survive, the rest of the income was offered as tribute to the Lord. The Lord of Shadows only used the riches to feed his power.

Age of Revolution

The Elusive Knight managed to sneak into the Shadow Reservoir Cavern and discovered entire vaults full of new SHADOW coins cradled in cheap metal alloys.

The Free Peoples immediately understood that the currency with which the Lord of the Shadows was rewarding their work was worthless.

On the sly, they decided to mint their own currency, on the basis of which they would develop their own internal economy, the Denaris. To generate the coins, each of the Peoples contributed the most precious metals they had in their domain.

Thus, the Denaris entered into circulation, ushering in the Age of Revolution.

The Free Peoples mutinied and refused to continue paying tribute to the Lord of Shadows, who was defeated in the Battle of the Snows.

The Age of Revolution formally started. However, the Free Peoples do not manage to defeat the Lord of Shadows, who secludes himself in his walled City and from which he plans to return to reestablish his empire.

The Free Peoples began to divide into communities that will be organized in Houses with distinctive slogans, cultures and purposes.

Age of democracy

The Age of Democracy has not yet been reached on Terrae.

Join the Free Peoples to defeat the Lord of Shadows and take the Dark City, destroying SHADOW and freeing Terrae forever from slavery and terror!

Macarena López Morillo
Head of People
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