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UX/UI Designer
Are you a master of user experience and visual design? Join our team as a UX/UI Designer and create intuitive interfaces that delight users. Help us shape the future of our products and make a lasting impact.
Solidity Developer
If you possess experience in development and a keen fascination with DeFi, come aboard as a Solidity Developer and immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of blockchain technology! Here lies your chance to be instrumental in the advancement and innovation within this captivating sector.
Senior Blockchain Developer
Join our team of innovative minds shaping the future of technology! If you have a passion for blockchain and want to revolutionize industries, apply now and be part of our cutting-edge projects.
Rust Developer
Become a part of our team as a Rust Developer and dive into the thrilling world of blockchain finance! Your crucial contributions will be in creating an innovative on-chain trading platform, with a focus on account abstraction, as you explore new frontiers in financial technology.
Recruiting Engineer
Are you a people person with a knack for finding top talent? Join our team as an IT Recruiter and help us connect exceptional professionals with exciting opportunities. Be the bridge between talent and success – apply now!
Quality Assurance Manual
Attention to detail and a passion for quality? We're looking for meticulous QA Manual testers to ensure our software meets the highest standards. Join us in our mission to deliver flawless experiences to our users.
Project Manager
Step into the role of Project Manager and be at the helm of our groundbreaking initiatives. We're seeking someone who thrives in collaborative environments, excels at problem-solving, and possesses a passion for delivering exceptional results.
IT Recruiter
Are you a natural talent scout with a keen eye for matching skills to positions? Join our team as an IT Recruiter and help us build a talented workforce that drives our success. Connect with us today!
Full-Stack Developer
Do you want to work on exciting projects from start to finish? We are hiring Full Stack developers who are versatile and passionate about building our innovative applications - apply now to join our team!
Frontend Developer
Attention pixel-perfectionists! We're on the lookout for creative Frontend Developers who can turn designs into beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. Join us and bring exceptional user experiences to life!
Are you a master of automation and continuous integration? Join our DevOps team and help streamline our development processes. Be at the forefront of innovation as we build and deploy cutting-edge solutions.
Data Engineer
Embark on a journey with us as a Data Analyst, contributing to our exciting initiative to build a Trading Engine interconnected with CEXs for hedging protocol positions. We're searching for an enthusiastic junior professional who's keen on aiding the enduring achievement of our venture.
Business Developer
Do you have a passion for identifying opportunities and closing deals? Join our team as a Business Developer and help us expand our reach, forge strategic partnerships, and drive our growth.
Backend Developer
We are looking for a professional to be in charge of the implementation of a website and/or application in all its components. Someone who can handle data access and storage and design the logic and solutions for the actions requested in a website or web application to be executed correctly.

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