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February 9, 2022

Terrae #8 The History Behind Each House

Key Points

Houses are community-driven, with each having its own leader, selected by the community itself or, in the early days, chosen from among those who complete the initial challenges.

All Houses will be eligible for $DENI monthly rewards based on the total points gathered by all contributing members. After you get the role, you will be able to represent your House and rack up points for the monthly quota.

Here are the first three Houses and their tasks:

House Larandel

The legendary House of the first elves born on Terrae.

Larandel House Cot of Arms.

Larandel is the oldest House of Elves on Terrae. They occupied a vast amount of territory since the beginning of modern civilizations and ruled until the rise of the Lord of the Shadows, who led a brutal campaign to overthrow their government and enslaved those who survived. They consider that the throne corresponds to them because of their wisdom, their deep knowledge of the land and all events that have ocurred. They believe that they can lead all the inhabitants of Terrae to a prosperous and stable future.

Deep into the forrest, where elves from House Larandel built their home.

Community tasks are based around Terrae history and fan Lore writers.

House Baldor

A House among Dwarfs of the mines and mountains.

House Baldor Coat of Arms.

The dwarfs of House Baldor spent several decades hiding in the mines and mountains, maintaining a neutral position in disputes and selling their finest war gadgets to the highest bidder. After watching Terrae sink deeper and deeper into chaos, they decided to give their weapons, shields and life in service to the revolution against the Lord of the Shadows.

Entrance to the deep mines in the mountains, ruled by House Baldor.

Community tasks are based around event organizations and quality of life suggestions.

House Taramos

The older House among proud and bravery Men.

House Taramos Coat of Arms.

House Taramos is one of the oldest Houses of Men that inhabit Terrae. No one knows exactly where they came from, but it didn’t take long for them to conquer lands and work for a better future for the next generations. They are proud of themselves and consider that the throne belongs to them, which generates friction in their alliance with House Larandel.

City ruled by House Taramos in the mountains.

Community tasks are based around memes and AV content.

So, after knowing in detail the history behind each House…

Will you fight for Taramos, the proud Man’s House? Will you choose the wise Larandel elves or the powerful Baldor dwarfs?

Choose your House and participate in weekly Tournaments!

Macarena López Morillo
Head of People
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