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The first no-code NFT launchpad, using ImmutableX . The platform enables artists and brands to easily create and manage their own NFT collections.
Smart Contract
NFTs Development
UX/UI Design
Mantial is an energetic team that has accomplished the improbable feat of acquiring a substantial customer base eager to embrace their innovative product. Despite this, they faced a challenge. Mantial had relied on a freelance developer who often put their work on hold for other projects, neglecting Mantial's needs and causing delays in their progress. Sadly, this led to Mantial's potential being overlooked and its true worth going unrecognized by the world.

Enter the NFT
Buyer Ecosystem

Mantial is a trailblazing no-code NFT launchpad that leverages the power of InmutableX. This innovative platform is designed to empower artists and brands to effortlessly launch their own NFT collections, without the need for any coding expertise.With Mantial, artists and brands can launch their NFT collections within minutes, bringing their unique digital creations to market in a fast and efficient manner

Not for Rather Labs

Mantial's team was under pressure to quickly develop their product but previous attempts with freelance contractors had fallen short. The biggest challenges they faced were finding a complete solution provider that:
  • Take full ownership of the project.
  • Respond promptly and efficiently.
  • Meet their seemingly impossible deadlines.
  • Offer cost-effective yet high-quality solutions.
That's when they stumbled upon Rather Labs through LinkedIn. After some hesitation, they decided to give us a shot.

"They understood the trade-offs between quality and speed that a startup faces perfectly well." Founder & CEO, End-to-End NFT Solution Provider

By the time we started working, Mantial had been neglecting its customers for a month, causing frustration and causing some to look for other options.


Our objective was to launch as quickly and efficiently as possible, without getting bogged down by bureaucracy or unnecessary complexities. With that in mind, we got to work and in just two weeks, we launched an MVP for the first collection of NFTs. This MVP was designed with functional smart contracts and a SaaS product that was essential to their core business. 

Over the next three months, our MVP helped them process $7 million in sales, and that was just the beginning. 

We then helped them scale by bringing in additional resources and creating a custom-built team who took ownership of the project and brought a strategic approach to everything. To ensure things kept moving forward, we kept everyone informed with daily project updates and transparent communication about the project's progress.

“RL behaves as if they were an in-house team, with the dedication and celerity you would expect from employees.” Founder & CEO, End-to-End NFT Solution Provider

NFT Launchpad

From art and metadata generation to smart contract deployment and minting, Mantial is the technical solution that makes NFT drops fast and easy.The platform allows users to instantly create and deploy their NFTs, choose how to mint, and then showcase the collection on OpenSea and other major marketplaces. The platform uses ImmutableX, an Ethereum sidechain (second layer solution), to allow for cheaper and faster transactions.


ArtGen, create the layers and variations and instantly download NFT´s.
Launcher, complete the collection data and mint art in a particular blockchain (compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, Solana or Immutable X).
Display them in the largest storefronts. Manage your sales inside the Launcher.
The articles are displayed, follow the sales metrics with the Launcher tool!report

Work Team

We put together a custom-built team, who took ownership of the project and approached it with a clear vision and methodology.
Project Manager
Frontend Developer
The team worked closely with key members of our organization, including…
Federico Agustín Caccia
Franco Scucchiero

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