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ViralCure is a pioneering DeSci Alt-funding Aggregator, seeking innovative approaches to enhance scientific funding, research, and distribution via blockchain technologies.
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The Hurdles in Research Funding

In the current landscape of scientific research, financing has long been a bottleneck, with reliance on government grants and traditional institutions causing delays, bureaucracy, and competition.

Researchers have faced hurdles in securing funds for their projects, ultimately hampering progress in critical fields like healthcare and scientific discoveries.

Why The Need to Rethink Research Financing

The existing state of research and development funding has been fraught with issues. It's marked by budgetary constraints, administrative overhead, and a lack of transparency, causing promising research initiatives to face adversity.

The imperative for open access to healthcare and affordable scientific discoveries loomed large, necessitating a transformative solution to bridge the financial gap.

Science Funded Though The Blockchain

Enter ViralCure, a forward-thinking company with a vision to revolutionize research financing. Collaborating with Rather Labs, a leading expert in blockchain and Web3 technology, played a pivotal role in constructing the technological backbone of this visionary project.

Their goal? To create a decentralized financing platform for scientific research, shifting the paradigm from traditional funding models to a decentralized and community-driven approach.

A challenge?
Not for Rather Labs

This groundbreaking platform, led by the tech wizards at Rather Labs, tackles the inherent challenges of the current research funding system. It's a one-stop solution: no more budget headaches, a level playing field for everyone, and crystal-clear transparency thanks to blockchain's trusty ledger. We're building a global support community, ensuring funds are not just accessible but also dependable.

We have achieved significant milestones in reshaping the landscape of scientific research financing. From integrating market functionalities to introducing the institutional website, we're forging new paths in project funding. With user-friendly tools like the Starter Dapp for effortless fundraising management and the Marketplace Dapp for exploring IP-NFTs, we're breaking down barriers and making scientific endeavors more accessible to all.

How Blockchain-Powered DeFi Reshapes Research Funding

The project revolves around the development of a blockchain-based DeFi platform tailored specifically for scientific research.

Scientists can tokenize their projects, detailing objectives, milestones, and funding requirements, and submit them to a decentralized board of experts. Through smart contracts, funds are allocated transparently, and token holders have a say in project governance, promoting trust and accountability.

Our Team Leadership

They’ve worked closely with different members of our company:

Project Manager
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Full-Stack Developer


The team worked closely with key members of our organization, including…

Federico Agustín Caccia
Franco Scucchiero

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ViralCure is a pioneering DeSci Alt-funding Aggregator, seeking innovative approaches to enhance scientific funding.


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