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Quality Assurance Manual
Main Responsabilities
  • Performing tests on new features as well as older ones.⁣
  • Work together with Backend and Frontend Developers to provide input about the bugs and improvements⁣
  • Report both buggs and improvements with proper detail, evidence and reproduction steps.⁣
  • Stay up to date and aware of changing features in a fast-paced environment where requirements can change quickly.⁣
  • Be part of a small team with a large amount of ownership.⁣
  • Collaborate with the team lead and team members from other areas like backend, frontend and UX/UI.⁣
  • Work with the team lead and team members to ensure that tasks are understood.⁣
  • Read documentation about the features and the product requirements.⁣
  • Ability to adapt to the needs of the project, changing work groups and tasks dynamically.⁣

To Apply You Need
  • Engineering/Computer Science/Accounting background.⁣
  • Basic Knowledge in blockchain and fintech⁣
  • Manual QA experience (ideally)⁣
  • Basic Knowledge of Web Development, Chrome DevTools. BDD + Gherkin (plus), JIRA + Zephyr Scale (or any test management tool).⁣

We'll be glad to see you in our team!
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