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Solidity Developer
Main Responsabilities
  • Harness your expertise to build cutting-edge blockchain apps with Solidity
  • Engineer smart contracts that are the backbone of project requirements
  • Dive into code reviews, enriching peers and projects with your insights
  • Stay ahead of tech trends to embed innovations into our practices
  • Seamlessly blend blockchain solutions into existing architectures
  • Document the marvels of your code & system designs
To Apply You Need
  • At least Advanced Semi-senior to Senior levels
  • Proven background in Blockchain development, particularly in Solidity
  • Deep-rooted knowledge of smart contracts & distributed ledger tech
  • Hands-on experience in crafting, testing, and launching DApps with finesse
  • Avid follower of security protocols in blockchain realms
  • A team player keen on solving puzzles with code
We'll be glad to see you in our team!
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