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Terrae #13 Who’s Behind the Game?

Rather Labs is a company based on Argentina and specialized in blockchain technology.
Key Points

Rather Labs is a company based on Argentina and specialized in blockchain technology. Services are led by its co-founders who have been involved in blockchain projects in finance, real estate, gaming, and other industries for years.

In the last year Rather Labs has grown both in number of projects and in staff. Today, around 50 people work at Rather Labs (and growing), and 10 are specifically dedicated to Terrae.

Today, we want to share with you the names behind the project, the art, the game, the codes, the social media, and everything else that makes Terrae what it is, and what it will be.

Federico Caccia (CEO)

Co-founder of Rather Labs, fintech entrepreneur and the mind behind Terrae, Federico has dedicated many years to the work with blockchain technology software development and finances. He leads the team and every other project at Rather Labs.

Franco Scucchiero (CTO)

Our other co-founder and CTO, or, as he calls himself, a self-taught software wizard and startup savvy. Franco is a blockchain genious and is also present at every Rather Labs project, always there when a challenge shows up.

Solkiomary Pineda (UX/UI Designer and Project Manager)

Sol is the UX/UI designer of Terrae. She designed all the interfaces of our site and webapp. Sol is also the project manager, she leads the team with her unique joy and personality.

Roman Alberto Vitolo (Game Developer)

The mind behind the gameplay and a great lore builder. Roman has been planning the future of the game since the beginning, taking part in most of the project decisions such as the economy, marketing, art, etc.

Ramiro Carracedo (Blockchain developer)

Ramiro is one of the many blockchain developers at Rather labs, and he was the first one in charge of Terrae. He made the first contracts of the project and he is always available to contribute his knowledge.

Eduardo Yuschuck (Blockchain developer)

As a blockchain developer, Eduardo has experience working with many others blockchains besides Polygon, such as Solana, Ethereum and Nervos just to name a few. He codes most of the contracts at Terrae.

Alan Valentin Zukerman (Front End Developer)

Alan was responsible of the front end of Terrae. He did and amazing job at our website and webapp. Sadly, he had to leave the team for personal issues, but because of the job he did, he deserved to be mentioned.

Francisco Niño (Illustrator)

The creative side of Terrae. Fran designed all the art of Terrae. This includes our maps, illustrations, NFTs, and more. He did an incredible job capturing the identity of Terrae with his art.

Priscila Malnero (Community Manager and Marketing)

One of our community managers and marketing employees. Priscila is one of the two people in charge of social media, contacting promoters, influencers and communities.

Federico Reyes Arce (Community Manager and Marketing)

The other community manager and marketing employee of the team. Federico is the second person in charge of social media and marketing at Terrae.

We wanted to take this opportunity to show you the Rather Labs family, and for people to know us more in depth at Terrae. You are all welcome to join our communities.

Macarena López Morillo
Head of People
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