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Membrane is an OTC protocol that allows for multi-chain trading, lending, netting, and clearing of crypto assets.
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Membrane's Journey to

Membrane team has achieved the remarkable feat of securing a substantial customer base that is enthusiastic about their cutting-edge product.

Despite this success, they encountered a challenge. To ensure their continued focus on business and overall strategy, they needed a solution that could provide robust support throughout the entire product development process.

They needed to scale, so they were searching for a staffing partner who could help them find, hire, and manage top technical talent without the hassle and within their budget. Besides, they required a team with technical proficiency that could establish a robust leadership framework.

This requirement was paramount in ensuring their ability to maintain their competitive edge and customer satisfaction.

Your Operating System
For Digital Asset

Membrane simplifies access to DeFi for institutions, enabling multi-chain trading, lending, netting and clearing of crypto assets. It's an all-in-one solution for secure management of crypto trading and lending from start to finish.

With a unique clearing and settlements engine, Membrane lets users hold their crypto across all wallets/custodians while executing trades and loans. At settlement, it aggregates transactions, nets credits/debits and transfers funds, saving on gas fees and reducing the risk of errors. Users can also opt for the "Smart Settlements" system, which ensures full funding before transferring funds.

Membrane also provides a suite of software solutions for professional institutions, fully accessible through APIs and integrated with the settlement/clearing engine. These tools include balance sheet views, risk monitoring dashboards, loan management, reporting, customizable margin/settlement windows, price discovery, and more.

The All-In-One
Crypto Solution

Loan Management
Connect with counterparties and manage loan terms effortlessly. Monitor aggregate risk, track interest payments, process margin calls, and transfer collateral with ease.
OTC Trading
Work seamlessly with counterparties and reduce your risk. View all activity, execute off-chain transactions, and net settle within agreed timeframes.
Coordinate all necessary trade-related asset movements and settle daily collateral movements and interest payments through existing networks.
Portfolio Management System
Get a unified view of assets and liabilities across various custodians, wallets, exchanges, on-chain addresses, and OTC providers, all in one place

Not for Rather Labs

Membrane has partnered with Rather Labs since 2021. We specialize in the management of technical equipment.

Our goal is to provide exceptional teams on demand, utilizing a custom and efficient solution, allowing our partner to concentrate on their core competencies while we manage the technical aspects.

We pride ourselves on delivering vetted matches within 72 hours, complete with a replacement guarantee and scalable pricing.

We understand that acquiring top talent can be costly, that is why LATAM is a goldmine. Our low fees and cost-effective talent pool protect our client budget, providing them with the right talent at a fraction of other agencies, enabling them to embark on their innovation journey without delay.

We are not just a staffing partner, but a true partner that truly cares about the success of our client. That's why we are dedicated to providing a seamless and hassle-free solution that meets their needs and budget.

Efficient Developer Hiring Process

  • Job Specification: We match client requirements with the ideal developer for a seamless outcome.
  • Recruitment: Our team of recruiters finds top talent from a database of 6000+ developers, presenting the best match within 72 hours.
  • Candidate Presentation: A comprehensive presentation of the developer's profiles, rates, and expected start date is provided to the client.
  • Interview Process: Customized interviews ensure candidates fit with the expectations and team compatibility.
  • Developer Selection: Clients choose from a pre-screened pool of candidates.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regular check-ins with our People Care team evaluate the performance of the hired candidate.

Work Team

We put together a custom-built team, who took ownership of the project and approached it with a clear vision and methodology.
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Principal Engineer
Project Manager
Head of Innovation
The team worked closely with key members of our organization, including…
Federico Agustín Caccia
Franco Scucchiero

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